The Bellevue Farmers Market follows the same severe weather policy that the Borough uses for the swimming pool and Northgate School District uses for outdoor sporting events. 

Light to moderate rain is not considered severe weather and the market will remain open on rainy days.

If severe weather (thunder, lightning, tornado, etc.) is observed at the market or within a 10-mile radius via radar, the market will close. All customers and vendors should vacate the park and either remain in their vehicles or take shelter in the library. 

The severe weather must pass (though rain may continue) and radar must show no oncoming severe weather for a full thirty (30) minutes before the market will resume. If the severe weather continues for an extended period of time, or if more severe weather is expected during the market hours, the market manager will cancel the market for that day. 

All announcements regarding the opening or closing of the market will be made through our social media. 

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