Today’s spotlight is on Auburn Meadow Farm.

This one-person farm is the opposite of commodity food. We use no buzzwords, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers, no shareholders, and operate with the concept of plenty, without wastefulness.

We are small and plan to stay that way. A pastured farm like Auburn Meadow Farm is one of the best sanctuaries for
wildlife, and soil regeneration, and provides the most natural and joy-filled life for the animals. We sell beef, pork, and poultry born here, raised here, and processed by an independently owned, small USDA processor ten minutes from home. We are stewards of endangered heritage breed Devon cattle, and the chickens and hogs are old-fashioned farm breeds. These animals are not precious or ornamental, though they are unique and beautiful. They are very important and practical genetics that need to be preserved in order to be prepared to adapt quickly to changes in climate, supply chains, and market trends.
Small, diverse, independent farms are able to pivot when our large supply chains become too unwieldy to adapt. The animals are unique, the flavor of their meat is vastly richer, and they enjoy vibrant, independent lives while leaving a much lighter ecological footprint.

And, it turns out, that what is best for the soil and the animals is best for flavor too. In addition to the pastured beef, pork, eggs, and chickens, I bring to market other flavorful proteins that can’t be bought at the supermarket – a variety of heirloom beans and grains from Rancho Gordo & other local producers. The flavor difference is truly remarkable if you are willing to explore some new ways.
I love the vibe of the Bellevue market, here in a lovely treed park, easily accessible from all sides of the city, by the fantastic Carnegie library, with live music and food trucks – it’s a really great way to buy your groceries. The varied vendor mix makes it truly possible to make this your main grocery run, grab dinner, and enjoy the feels.

My website is a work in progress always,, and I keep a mailing list for
subscribers if you wish to sign up for farm news via the contact page there. Visit us online anytime, at our Auburn Meadow Farm Virtual Farmstand group on Facebook, where I post recipes and food tips using locally produced foods, or you can follow us on Instagram.

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