Today we are speaking with Rockin’ Cat Organic Coffee & Tea.

Rockin’ Cat was founded on the principles of promoting the quality of our lives over the quantity of our things through art, design, and organic treats (and good business practices).

The idea was for Rockin’ Cat to be more than just another specialty coffee and tea company. We wanted to launch the company with the best products –- from day one -– and to keep improving from there. As an example, Rockin’ Cat only selects and roasts the best-tasting, single-origin, Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade coffees. There are no conventional options in the mix, and there never will be. We do not make any compromises with the quality of the coffee. We chose to certify as Fair Trade because we wanted to ensure fair treatment and compensation for employees and protect their local environments. We are also a Certified Benefit Corporation. It’s important to us to prove that what we represent about our products is true through our third-party certifications. We want people to know that we can be trusted and consider people and the planet with each product.

Additionally, each of our coffees has its own roasting profile –- a mixture of art and science –- that considers the size, shape, moisture content, and density of the green coffee beans. All of our coffees are single-origin, small-batch-roasted to perfection (in Bellevue), Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade, and in 100% compostable packaging (including the labels, zippers, and valves). Our loose-leaf teas, matchas, and herbal infusions are Certified Organic and packaged in Bellevue with 100% compostable packaging. Additionally, we have offset all of our business’ impacts using Gold Standard Offsets, so the business and every product is carbon-neutral.

As the season progresses, we will introduce new varieties of Organic Whole Bean Coffees and Organic Loose Leaf Teas.

Visit the Rockin’ Cat booth at the market and, in the future, at the location on Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue.

Find out more about the company, buy online, and follow on social media from Rockin’ Cat website:

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