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Core Architects LLC
JC Pierce, LLC; Ryan Pierce, AIA
Ross Bianco Architects/RBA International

Ross Bianco Architect and RBA International Inc., are affiliated design groups under the leadership of founding principal/architect, Ross Bianco. As the creative director of a hands-on practice, Ross Bianco originates initial concepts and schematic design and continues an ongoing collaboration with an exceptional architectural staff, specific engineers, and specialty consultants to fulfill the project’s delivery process. From the beginning of every endeavor – including the early stages of “listening” to a client’s intent – Mr. Bianco oversees all aspects of the process. This constant focus ensures the project will be realized to match its original intent, vision, and client expectations. It is this focus that has served many different types of clients; and, many clients on a repeat basis. In today’s environment, every client wants “value”. From the beginning of our practice and to the present, we combine “value” with quality at every phase of service. Upon his arrival in Pittsburgh in the 1980’s, Mr. Bianco’s rapid rise has been centered on design, client-focused services, and a unique ability to promote a vision not obviously apparent to others. This foundation began as a designer, senior design associate, vice president, and eventual partner of another prestigious Pittsburgh practice. During his early tenure, Mr. Bianco was named as “Twenty People to Watch” by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. In 1988, Mr. Bianco left the partnership and formed his own practice as it exists today.

Past and current projects include a variety of experience in healthcare, university structures, galleries, retail, sports, commercial, multi-family, hospitality, and interiors. Planning services and studies include city districts at all scales, campus planning, sports master plans and hospital/healthcare. Projects have been executed or are ongoing in NYC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Florida, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Ohio. Overseas work has extended across three (3) cities in Russia, and into Poland. New work includes endeavors in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.The firm enjoys a staff that includes architects, interior designers, graphic designers, construction administrators, and planning professionals.