Invest in Our Market
(And the Community)

Your generous support of the Bellevue Farmers Market helps make it run while providing food to those in our community who most need it 

Contribute to the Market

In 2020, Bellevue Farmers Market raised more than $100,000 to feed more than 260 families within a five-mile radius of the center of our community. You can learn more about the Feeding Neighbors Program by viewing the documentary here.

With the remaining funds entrusted to us by foundations, organizations, and individuals, we were able to provide direct food assistance to those most in need by tripling the buying power of those programs, putting $8,500 of fresh, healthy food in the hands of families struggling through the pandemic.

We are looking to extend that ambitious goal into future seasons and beyond. As a result, we are looking for your support, both to contribute to the operational costs and to support our Food Assistance Match (FAM) program.

We hope you might consider our work in the community in your charitable giving. Please see the form below if you would like to contribute.

Become a Sponsor

Why Sponsor the Bellevue Farmers Market?

Sponsoring our market creates a partnership with a well-regarded community asset that has high-visibility for 25 weeks annually, with countless opportunities to introduce yourself through our social media channels, email lists, and other opportunities.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the market, please email to get started.


Sponsorship FAQ

Are you a 501(c)3?

Bellevue Farmers Market is a project of Bona Fide Bellevue, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Sponsorship of the market is tax-deductable.

Do you have specific packages?

In our current sponsorship model, we tailor your investment to your needs and the needs of the community. Whether it is naming our music stage, sponsoring picnic blankets, or other creative ideas, we’re open to a variety of options.

What does my investment support?

Your investment can support one of three things: general market operations, a specific initiative, or our Food Assistance Match program.

General Operations

Booth and food truck fees make up less than 20% of our budget, which is supplemented by our community and local businesses’ generous support. Your willingness to support general operations will allow us to grow our operational capacity, build additional awareness for the market, and drive more people to shop each week.


We have several initiatives that we are looking to implement to enhance the market experience, from free fruit for kids, recycling and composting programs, and picnic blankets for those who want to enjoy the outdoors. Your sponsorship of a specific initiative can make it possible for us to execute for the season.

Food Assistance Match

To continue to support members of our community experiencing food insecurity, we are constantly looking for support for our Food Assistance Match program, which triples the buying power of those who rely on food assistance programs. In 2020, we provided nearly $9,000 of food to our neighbors and we expect the need to almost double in 2021.

Can you advertise my sponsorship?

We are happy to acknowledge your sponsorship in any of our communications to show our neighbors that you care about investing in our community.

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