Improve The Vue

We are a group of Bellevue residents who volunteer to make our vision of Bellevue become a reality.

A Beautiful Vue

We will generate and sustain efforts to improve the environment for those who live here and incite positive perceptions for visitors.

Improve the Vue is the Bona Fide Bellevue committee that focuses on sustainable community involvement of neighborhood upkeep and improvement.  We have put together annual “Improve the Vue” events in which we have accomplished big projects such as installing a KABOOM playground at Bayne park, washing and painting “The Center,” helping clear new bike/hike trails at Bellevue Memorial Park, and more!  Additionally, we organize smaller, more consistent projects for volunteers to work on a monthly or even weekly basis to improve the quality of Bellevue streets, parks, businesses, and homes.  By giving local residents more opportunities to serve, we hope to create a contagious attitude of pride in our neighborhood.

If you would like to volunteer with us, sign up to get updates on our upcoming projects.

“Residents of Bellevue have an obligation to keep our community clean, safe, and healthy for the future generations of our committee. I’m so glad that Bona Fide has programs that give me the opportunity to contribute.”

Joseph M.

Bellevue Resident

Volunteer Opportunities

Bona Fide Bellevue puts on a number of community-wide events throughout the year in order to provide fun and engaging activities for our residents and/or to attract customers and attention to our shopping district(s).

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