Improve The Vue

We are a group of Bellevue residents who volunteer to make our vision of Bellevue become a reality.

Improve the Vue

Improve the Vue focuses on community involvement in neighborhood upkeep and improvement. Committee volunteers work on a periodic basis to improve the quality of Bellevue streets, parks, businesses, and homes.

Join us for a new Improve the Vue effort this year — Bump Up The Bump-Outs!

With the guidance of a professional horticulturist, Joe Noll of Old Allegheny Landscaping, we plan to improve the landscaping along Lincoln Avenue by replacing the current plants with green, low-growing options to improve pedestrian visibility, transplant taller specimens to set-back areas, and replace plants that have died off with new, easy-care shrubs and perennials. These positive, sustainable changes will make Lincoln Avenue look SO much better! 

Have you noticed the changes on Lincoln Avenue? Our first 2 April workdays of the Bump Up the Bump Outs project are complete. Some things you’ll notice:

  • All of the weeds, invasive grasses and dead plants were removed.
  • Tall grasses and overgrown bushes have been cut back and the beds edged.
  • Trees were shaped, dead branches removed and failing trees tagged for replacement.
  • New hardy evergreens were planted in several areas


A huge thank you to the 28 volunteers who have already volunteered their time to make Bellevue more beautiful! That’s over 80 hours of hard work invested into the community in just the month of April alone.

Special shouts out to:

  • Joe Noll, Horticulturist, Old Allegheny Landscaping
  • Brad Hazelwood, Landscape Architect
  • 565 Live for their generous hydration and great party space
  • Grille 565 for perfect timing delivering our yummy lunch
  • The Center for always supporting our projects
  • Dept of Public Works, Jim Kelly for his support and expertise

What comes next?

  1. DPW will do some more work before mulching in mid-May.
  2. We’ll know in a few weeks if our grant application to replace plants in the curb extensions has been approved. We couldn’t do more than clean up in those areas until we get that news. Fingers crossed!!
  3. Get it or not, we’ll work on a plan to update those planting beds, help figure out solutions to some lingering issues, determine a plan for implementation and funding, and keep you posted along the way.
  4. We’ll be working with the newly ramped-up Shade Tree Commission to get missing and dying trees replaced with appropriate specimens.


Want to volunteer for our next work day? Sign up on our Get Involved page!

“Residents of Bellevue have an obligation to keep our community clean, safe, and healthy for the future generations of our committee. I’m so glad that Bona Fide has programs that give me the opportunity to contribute.”

Joseph M.

Bellevue Resident

A Beautiful Vue

Improve the Vue is a program focusing on community involvement in neighborhood upkeep and improvement.  We have put together annual “Improve the Vue” events in which we have accomplished big projects as well as organized smaller trash pickup and landscaping workdays to improve the quality of Bellevue streets, parks, businesses, and homes. By giving local residents more opportunities to serve, we hope to create a contagious attitude of pride in our neighborhood.

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