Thank You

Celebrating our main street and home-based businesses for investing in our community.

Believing in Bellevue.

Bona Fide Bellevue is showing local shops and restaurants how much we value their hard work and dedication during these trying times. We’re buying lunch and dessert from one of our local restaurants and hand delivering them to three businesses each week (and taking the necessary safeguards, of course)! It’s our way of saying thank you.

We don’t want to miss anyone so, if you know of a business that is open, please email us and we’ll be sure they’re on the list.

“The businesses that set up shop in Bellevue are committing to more than just making money. They are investing in our community and through their services offer each resident a unique and memorable experience. I’m so grateful that we have a diverse range of businesses and incredible owners in Bellevue who care about our community.”

Carl H.

Bellevue Resident

Volunteer Opportunities

Bona Fide Bellevue puts on a number of community-wide events throughout the year in order to provide fun and engaging activities for our residents and/or to attract customers and attention to our shopping district(s).

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