Today we meet Tom Campbell of Real Nutz Vodka.

Real Nutz is based in North Fayette Township, and we distill our vodka in Bellefonte PA, because of the natural spring water there, (it was actually voted Pennsylvania’s best natural water resource). And it is made from Pennsylvania Corn and it is certified gluten free.

We formed Real Nutz Incorporation in 2017. We developed our Vodka with our distiller partner and brought it to market in May 2020, It is distilled 6 times. It is 100 proof and very smooth, in fact, it is smoother than most 80 proof vodka’s. We have done well over 300 blind taste tests and regularly beat all imported and domestic brands.

This is our second year at the market. It’s very well organized, and a lot of volunteers to help out. We’re a family-run business, my wife and I, our two sons and daughters-in-law. At the market, you may see me, my wife Maree our two sons, Ben & Cole, and daughters-in-law, Hilary & Melissa.

A fun fact about me and my family is we own a boat named REEL NUTZ.

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