Today we meet volunteer Vince Dish, who helped at both last year’s market as well as last year’s Feeding Neighbors Program.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh in the Carrick city suburb. I worked for the Pittsburgh Press Co. from 1971 to 1990 for 19 years before moving onto college. With the help of my wife, Carolyn, who worked 3 and 4 jobs to keep us financially afloat, I was able to obtain an A.A.S. in Ecology and Environmental Technology from Paul Smiths College, NY, and a B.A. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia. I worked in the environmental field and the civil engineering field for 33 years before retiring from Duquesne Light Co. in June of 2018. I worked in a number of disciplines in the environmental field, GIS and GPS mapping, and computer design and drafting.

We returned to Pittsburgh in 2010 after 20 years living in Saranac Lake, NY, Bel Air MD, and Charlottesville, VA. We currently reside in historic downtown Bellevue.

We became involved with the Feeding Neighbors Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and we were searching for ways to volunteer since our other volunteer activities were scratched. We knew that we could do something…anything. We were uncomfortable with sitting home, and we were ready to dig in! We were totally amazed how the core group of the program did everything according to COVID protocols, and how this group was able, from their persistence, to accumulate the amount of food we could offer for those in need. WE WERE IN!

I look forward to helping make the Bellevue Farmers Market the best market in the area. I’m  excited about being part of helping those who will be able to benefit from our assisted programs, and to have vendors that will provide great stuff! To have the citizens enjoy a great day out and about with food, drink, and entertainment.

From the market vendors we made creamy polenta from Leap Farm, and grilled eggplant with tomatoes in a homemade eggplant Parmesan from Pond Hill Farms.I love buttermilk, I love braunschweiger sandwiches, and anchovies are a must in my Caesar Salad. After eating this food, I seldom have a problem with social distancing. 

Move forward, think out of the box, and seek alternatives to improve our community.

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