Today our vendor spotlight highlights Wigle Whiskey and Threadbare Cider.

Wigle is headquartered in the Strip District and Threadbare is in the Spring Garden neighborhood.

Wigle started in 2011 (officially opening to the public in 2012 with our first product). Threadbare developed as an idea in 2015 and opened in 2017. We’ve been making amazing spirits and ciders using locally sourced ingredients

Our team is an amazing group of part-time folks who love working for Wigle and Threadbare because they believe in the products and the mission statements of the companies, which basically are to get the best possible spirits and ciders out to the world and help educate everyone who wants it on the history of alcohol in the PA region.

We’ve been involved with the Bellevue Farmers Market for a number of years. I love the great space and great people! There will usually be members of our part-time staff there, they are great people who love to chat about alcohol if you want to stop by.

Almost everything that goes into Wigle products will be locally sourced organic grains. Everything, from start to finish, is done within Pittsburgh Proper. We don’t get batches of neutral spirits from some big manufacturer from the middle of the country to supply us, which helps set us apart from the vast majority of our competitors here in the state of PA. Threadbare is similar. Most of our apples come from a farm near Wexford, although we do sometimes go into New York State and other nearby states for very specific varieties of apples (such as the Northern Spy variety of apple, which is one of the few remaining apples that would have been around during the time of Johnny Appleseed as he went East to West planting apple trees).

Threadbare is featuring a new Strawberry Rhubarb Apple Cider this summer.

Check out @wiglewhiskey and @threadbarecider on Instagram.

You can shop online as well. Visit or and look at the top ribbon for the online bottle shop! We do pick up at our locations OR ship. Wigle only ships to PA and DC, whereas Threadbare can ship to 40 states!

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