Today we speak with Tim Baureis, owner, owner of Country Hammer Moonshine.

We are a limited distillery that specializes in flavored moonshine.  We have 50 flavors and offer free tastings along with retail sales, moonshine drinks, local wines, and beers (Though at the Farmers Market we offer only the moonshines.). The base of all Country Hammer Moonshine is made with real corn whiskey, distilled eight times.

Living in the Laurel Highlands for the past 13 years, I learned that moonshine is not only part of the culture, but a way of life. A former chef, I was initially intrigued by the concept of blending moonshine as a hobby.  As I developed my interest of blending moonshine with traditional flavors, my passion increased as I discovered new ways to add exciting flavors! My passion has now grown to the point where I have decided to bring Country Hammer Moonshine off the mountain and to the ‘Burgh!

We’ve been a part of the Bellevue Farmers Market previously, but are excited to be back here and enjoy the community.

Visit Country Hammer Moonshine at, or follow them on Facebook.

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