Today we meet Mikie Cirelli of Fungetarian.

Fungetarian is based out of Ellwood City. I’m new to the market, but I can already tell that the community of people who attend are extremely welcoming and appreciative of the vendors. It is truly a great feeling.

My background and education is in audio engineering. After freelancing for a while, co-owning a production company, and teaching at a charter school I decided to hang up my headphones and become a mushroom farmer. I just happened to make this decision during the fall of 2019 right before the pandemic. It has definitely been both a blessing and a curse but I have been growing and selling mushrooms through it all.

I have always been interested in foraging mushrooms. It’s perfect for someone with ADHD like myself because it’s like Pokemon, but in real life.  After getting Lyme disease a few years back, though, I became much more cautious while in the woods. I was gifted a mushroom growing kit and I’ve never looked back. I now cultivate and grow all of my mushrooms indoors so there is never any question about whether you’re getting the right mushroom and they are completely Lyme-free. 

I currently cultivate a total of five different species of mushrooms indoors. They include blue/grey oyster, golden oyster, king trumpet oyster, lion’s mane, and chestnut. Some of these mushrooms can really have a mind of their own so availability can vary from week to week. I also offer kits for you to grow your own mushrooms at home. They come boxed up with everything you need to grow some mushrooms indoors within about a week from starting the kit.

In preparation for the Holiday season, I will put out a sign-up sheet for people who are interested in getting kits or mushrooms after the market season ends. I will send out the information at the beginning of November. I also sell my grow kits through my website with shipping.

A fun fact about me is that in my spare time I love designing and casting silver jewelry at my family’s jewelry store in Beaver PA.

You can learn more at also you can follow at @Fungetarian on Facebook and Instagram.

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