We recently spoke with Eky of KizzleFoods, a plant-based spice shop from Sewickley, Pennsylvania. 

KizzleFoods was born out of my interest in living healthier by eating plant-based food items and increasing these food options. Over the years, I have been interested in reading and learning more about health and well-being, which further transformed into becoming an advocate for living healthy and eating more food items that are beneficial to the body. My zeal to spread the knowledge and benefits of eating and living well, my access to 100% naturally farm-grown food items by close relatives and local farmers in Nigeria, sales experience, time, and passion led to KizzleFoods. 

KizzleFoods prides itself in its authentic plant-based offerings and the impact of KizzleFoods products spreading daily through homes, kitchens, and bellies. We also take pride in our strictly sun-dried, air-dried, and handmade processes, which don’t use heat or artificial flavors. These spices are end-to-end natural and plant-based, from the farming/planting and processing to the packaging, retaining the spices’ natural potency, taste, look, feel, and delivery.

KizzleFoods will continue to bring out new combo offers that give shoppers benefits and value. Our combos offer a value package that includes spices that are daily essentials for most cooking occasions, giving you all that you need at every point to deliver trusted taste in meals.

KizzleFoods has been and continues to be run solely by myself, but now more help is required with how quickly the business has expanded. We are aim to hire more hands to run and manage the business effectively. This year is my first at the Bellevue Farmers Market, and I look forward to many years of impact on the community.

You will find me, Eky, at the stand at the market. As the founder of the business, I am happy to have this chance to connect with the locals, gain insight into what is beneficial to shoppers from the community, and build trust with the community. 

Next year and later, we will have dedicated market managers to build on the foundation set from 2022. The buying crowd at the Bellevue Farmers Market is my favorite part. You can trust that people are out there to support you. That itself is motivating and encouraging on all fronts. 

Customers can find KizzleFoods on the web at www.kizzlefoods.com! There you can find other offers such as merchandise and, of course, FREE SHIPPING on all orders above $35.

Don’t forget to check our Facebook and Instagram @KIZZLEFOODS.

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