We spoke with Claire Landuyt of Chez Lapin, one of the Bellevue Farmers Market’s longest-tenured vendors, active with the market since 2017.

Chez Lapin’s Workshop is located in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. Chez Lapin was created to incorporate three passions: nature, skin care, and rabbits. Since Chez Lapin began crafting in 2017, they have influenced the community to consume and enjoy products that are better for their health, the environment, and animal welfare by supporting cruelty-free and sustainable practices.

The Chez Lapin team consists of owner and operator Claire and her husband, Marc, during busy seasons like fall and the holidays. The two of them make a great duo in the Production Studio!

All of Chez Lapin’s candles are hand-mixed, hand-poured, and hand-labeled. They are all eco-friendly recipes inspired by seasonal produce and inspirational locations. They are infused with essential and perfume oils, making them unique and luxurious. The candles come in various shapes, styles, and sizes depending on the collection and season.

Chez Lapin’s skin care showcases nature’s powerful ingredients like clays, oils, hydrosols, and dried botanicals. In their booth, you can find essentials like lip balms and insect repellent, facial cleansers, and moisturizers.

Claire’s other passions include gardening, charcuterie boards, theater, and taking long walks in nature. She thinks that the best part of the market is the community of Bellevue and neighboring areas that meet every Wednesday to socialize, learn, and support small businesses.

Visit Claire and Chez Lapin online at www.chezlapingoods.com, and check them out on Facebook or Instagram @chezlapingoods.

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